The Farm  


The Leen farm has 400 acres around the farmstead but 1500 acres are managed in total. The farm is nestled in the Arrow Valley. A 500 cow dairy herd is milked through a rotary parlour following the New Zealand style of grassland management and breeding.

We also run a traditional Hereford Cattle beef herd, which was founded in 1780 and is the oldest herd of Hereford cattle in the world. The herd was the backbone of the farm for many years, with animals exported all over the world, including North and South America. In the 1970’s milk production took over as the farms primary enterprise. Today the pedigree Hereford herd consists of about 20 breeding cows.

The farm has been under the careful management of Tony Norman who has a great knowledge of the countryside and its flora and fauna. Tony has spent 30 years improving and managing the various habitats on the farm and in return has won several farming and wildlife awards both at county and national level. You are very welcome to enjoy our farm where you will see a wide variety of birds, butterflies and wild flowers